BEFORE organizing Mt. Prospect Baptist Church, a group of members met with Rev. J. M. Hindsman and held meetings from house to house, making preparation by raising money to purchase property to build on before organizing. In making this preparation they purchased a plot of land on Beecher Hill (now Wilson Street). This land was later swapped for the land where the church building now stands.
       In July of 1887, the Church was officially formed with six members, Rev. J. M. Hindsman, Deacon Henry Hindsman, Brother Alex Hindsman, Sister Martha Dukes, Sister Sarah Hindsman and Sister Marlah Peavy. The Rev. J. M. Hindsman was elected Pastor of the Church. Rev. Hindsman suggested the name of the church, Mt. Prospect. This was also the name of the former church of the 6 founding church members.
       Through the winter of 1887-88, the church held its meeting in the home of Mrs. Orrie Scott. The first church building was erected in 1888-1890. On the 2nd Sunday in May 1892, the church was dedicated. The first building was a frame house built under the leadership of the Rev. J. M. Hindsman. Additional improvements were made to the structure under the leadership Rev. Schaffer. The second building, a brick veneer, was the first black owned church building in Carroll County (1928). This building was destroyed by fire in February, 1945. Under the direction of the Pastor, Rev. P. H. Head, the church members worked together to raise funds to erect a new building. The new building was completed in July of 1945.
        Reverend James E. Potts, the current pastor, was called to serve as the new pastor in 1986. Under his spiritual leadership, the church continues to serve God and enrich the spiritual well being of its members and community. A church pantry set up to assist those in an emergency situation, has grown to a weekly outreach ministerial food bank. Mt. Prospect embraces its rich history through annual events such as the Hindsman’s Note Singing Concert and the Thomas Dorsey Birthplace Choir Festival. The church commits to ministering to the whole person and the whole life of the person…the spiritual needs being of utmost importance.
Major accomplishments over the last 20 years:
1990     Church institutes weekly, Sunday worship services
1991     Distribution of meals to the elderly which later became the      
      Community Food Bank in 1992.
1995     Church appoints Rev. Potts as the full-time, salaried pastor
1996     Church purchased passenger van and pick-up truck donated
1997     Vision of new building established; Church purchased box van.
2001     Church was granted 501 (C)3 status.
2002     Marriage Ministry began
2004     (October) 8:00am Worship Service began
2005     Groundbreaking Ceremony for new sanctuary
2007     (March 11) Moved into new sanctuary
2014      Implemented the "By His Hands" summer lunch program
Mt. Prospect Baptist Church emphasizes…
Leadership in pastor, officers, and teachers,
Celebration in praise, life, and spirit,
Education in Sunday School, workshops, and Bible studies,
Involvement in the daily lives and
Development of members’ whole being,
Outreach in the community with ministries, and
Fellowship with fellow Christians.
Our Mission
The Mission of Mt. Prospect Baptist Church is to be Christ-centered and Bible-based,
to make disciples for Christ, to minister to the hurts, hopes and needs of the community
and to exhibit godliness through a positive presence in our community.
Rev. J.M. Hindsman - Founder
Rev. J.M. Hindsman - Founder